Open Religion: Oath and Hymn of Human Worship

I Own Open Religion


1. I own religious faith in the supreme value of human, religion of open soul and eternal spiritual movement of the God creation as human ideal through self-believing, self-confidence, self-ownership.

2. I acknowledge as the true creed the word of God, the Holy Scripture of Religious Faith in the Supreme Value of Human.

3. In the self-improvement I ensoul all people and all societies, all the time and all space equate to my soul, all in one person, all is my begin, all is my continue.

4. I perform the rites of open religion, I create a sacred sign of circle that symbolizes a human in the center of universe as the boundless soul of all, the unity of sensitive and imaginary reality, one pure sheet inside and outside the sacred circle.

5. I agree with the agreements, I deny denials, I love every good soul, I respect every good faith.

6. I declare the sovereignty of the individual, including my self-value, soulfulness, morality, freedom, property, solidarity and wisdom.

7. For the common good, by the mission of soul, with the blessing of God I own soul societies, participate in accordance with the faith keepers and create my own soul societies in soul link with good people.

8. In the court of conscience and self-defense I realize moral principle: raising supreme value of human is good, lower value of human is bad.

9. Submitting the truth, I don’t conform to sins: lies, violence, insane militancy, fear, greed, affection; arrogance, that is opposing own to other, demonizing alien; individophobia, that is fear of single and solitude.

10. Open religion is my view and my nature, all mine together; my soul as the supreme value of human, the source of all values; my science of idealizing the real, realizing the ideal and idealizing the ideal; my merits of harmony, life, victory, love, destiny, blessing and revelation; my soul strength in the open mind, conscience and solidarity; my law, knowledge and miracle turning desires to reality; my spiritual energy, accumulated in the exchange of honest words, strengthened by saying honest words, revealed the source of the spirit of harmony, cooperation and prosperity, generating and supplying souls by keeping honest words, increasing the quality and quantity of good, driving destiny; my meaning of life, my happiness in development, cognition and creation, in the move towards good and the struggle for good.

11. I pray to God by all thoughts and doings, I find the answer of God in every conclusion and consequence, I attain perfection by good will and by the power of faith.



Believe, you are all time and space.
Your way of life is all ways.
Take and embrace the sky.
Plan your eternity kindly.
Welcome all people, be nice,
Anyone hear and notice:
God in the each person’s pray,
Face them and never escape.
Each person is your face.
You are all people of the Universe.
May tell the truth every voice.
Take joy to people and rejoice.
Your good will common intention,
You are all people and all nations.
You happy be your own.
You pure love in the flow.
You are the tree of beliefs,
Mellow, cheerful, as leafs.
Every place is your home.
Strengthen grass roots and grow.
Attract the stars at space,
In ocean wind up the sails.
Among the speeches and pages
Honest word you state.
Generous prophecy grant,
Earn dreamed up reality.
Be motor of inspire,
Move the life entire.
Break all walls you laughing,
Change all games to win.
Thoughts transform to creation,
Only avoid desperation.
You are the many united.
Deeps fill by self, more expand.
World part of you, every thing.
You are whole fullness of being.
Kindly accept all kinds,
Endless appears you like.
Meaning for all invent.
Never and nothing negate,
Except the killer of laugh,
Sky devastating rough,
Where you empower brave
With spirit and light of Self.
And so I will be You,
As the God, one Soul and Human.